How To Decorate A Nursery: 10 Top Tips from a Mum!

Are you expecting the best bundle of joy in the world? Can’t wait to build the cot?

In this blog, WallpaperBuddy™’s Operations Director and Mum, Rachel, gives her advice on how to decorate your baby’s first bedroom!

1. Pick a theme.

A good place to start is thinking of what theme would be cute and express you as parents too, perhaps you’ve travelled a lot and want to incorporate boats, planes or trains, if you love animals perhaps a safari theme, or love long walks in nature – a woodland theme? 

My Mum saved Winnie-the-Pooh ornaments from when I was a child which was a great starting point for us. We found this beautiful Winnie-the-Pooh wallpaper from Dunelm which we hung (using WallpaperBuddy of course!) on two walls, and painted the other two walls pink – I’m a girly girl!

2. Go for an alternative colour scheme

Monochrome is a fantastic way to bring some modern flair and nurturing décor into the room. The best part about it? You can mix in colours for when your baby starts seeing more than just black or white!

A monotone space may seem boring, but there are plenty of other ways that this colour scheme could be incorporated without being gender specific- like with bold patterns on pillows instead of clean lines (which would make sense since kids often have messy rooms).

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3. Don’t hold back.

Newflash, babies grow fast! So, you’re likely going to be redecorating their room within a few years in their theme of choice – no doubt Star Wars or Lol Dolls or something. So if you fancy a seaside theme with cute little lighthouse wallpaper, or polka dots, go for it!

‘Various design blogs promise that your baby will sleep better with a soothing color like blue or lavender on the walls. Lies, I tell you, LIES!

Millions of parents who have spent many a sleepless night in a soothing lavender-blue nursery will back me up here. Your baby will sleep through the night when he or she is ready, and you’re going to spend a lot of time staring at those walls in the meantime, so you might as well decorate them exactly as you like.

Rebecca Dube, Head of Today Parents (she’s totally right)

4. Two words: washable wallpaper.

Thank me when that first pee spray hits the wall.

5. Include a comfy chair and blanket

You won’t want to miss a single moment of your little one’s first year! And you may find yourself sleeping in their nursery more than they do, then get yourself some comfortable furniture. We recommend an armchair that will make it easy for nursing or reading at night time – trust us when we say you won’t regret this investment piece.

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6. Play with panelling

If you’re eager to add interest to your child’s room but want to avoid a strong theme, choose a toning colour palette in subtle shades of the same colour. In this nursery (above), panelling wallpaper  in earthy tones create a feature wall that’s not overwhelming and pops of pastel make it a nursery that is so on-trend.

7. Install a Little Library

Step story time up a notch by adding a little floating shelf library to display all their favorite bedtime books on. IKEA’s Mosslanda Picture Shelves are the most perfect and inexpensive way of organising everything from Room on the Broom to That’s Not My Hedgehog. 

8. Look at It from Baby’s Perspective

Instead of covering the walls, use paper or wallpaper on the ceiling to create an unexpected twist on your space. Your baby will have plenty of neutral décor from their crib and you’ll be able avoid any stains or wear-and tear by putting it up high!

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9. Storage, storage, storage 

Whilst baby clothes and toys are super small and adorable, they mount up. You’ll need lots of storage space as baby grows up, is in between sizes and has a new favourite toy every week. It’s smart to use under cot space, wall hooks and the space on top of wardrobes with cute baskets. You can jazz up plain IKEA Trofast Units with wall stickers in your room’s theme!

10. Babies don’t care what the nursery looks like.

While nursery decor may be fun to plan, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get those monogrammed letters or nautical wallpaper hung up in time. And, if you don’t have the space for that elaborate, hand-carved crib, know that you’ll be keeping baby in a bassinet or ‘next-to-me’ in your room for quite a while, and that she’ll be happier there anyway. 

WallpaperBuddy is the easy way to hang your favourite wallpaper. It’s so quick and simple, you’ll be able to do it in no time!


When decorating a baby’s nursery there are of course safety considerations to keep in mind.

Here are 5 Nursery Safety Tips:

  • Anchor all heavy furniture to the wall so it won’t fall over if accidentally bumped. Babies turn into toddlers overnight and everything is a climbing frame.
  • Keep comforters, duvets, pillows and bumpers out of the crib—they could suffocate baby. If you received a pretty blanket as a present, try hanging it on the wall or using it on a chair.
  • Finish all painting and wallpapering at least eight weeks before baby’s arrival should be at the top of your nursery checklist. Leave windows open for ventilation until baby’s actual arrival. These activities release potentially harmful fumes, but finishing them early should eliminate any risk to baby.
  • Secure rugs to the floor with double-sided tape. You wouldn’t want to slip while baby’s in your arms!
  • Place the cot away from windows and radiators. Also, cut off any blind or curtain cords, or put them up out of reach.

For more safety information please contact your health professional for guides on Safe Sleep.

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