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Lining Paper Vertically

man hanging lining paper

Can you hang lining paper vertically?

Yes, and it is always recommended to do so when planning to paint afterwards. Whilst many pro’s will hang lining paper horizontally if installing wallpaper on top, it is more difficult to do so, and not necessary with a little planning first.

Hanging Lining Paper Vertically

Lining paper is available in different widths. If you purchase lining paper the same width as your wallpaper, then you can begin by hanging a half-width of lining paper in the the place where you are going to hang the first length of wallpaper, and then continue with full widths across the rest of the wall. This should prevent both sets of seams from landing in the same place.

Mark Widths on the Wall

If your wallpaper and lining paper are different widths, a simple check to see if the seams will coincide is to mark both the lining paper widths and wallpaper widths on the wall.

illustration to show how to mark wall with widths of wallpaper

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