How To Trim Wallpaper

person cutting wallpaper at bottom of wall with scissors

Trimming Wallpaper Edges

Trimming wallpaper is very straightforward and you have a few methods to choose from. To name a few, Wallpaper Scissors, Snap off Knife, Stanley Knife, Triangular Cutting Edge, Cutter Knife and even Electric Wallpaper Scissors.

Trim the Paper with Wallpaper Scissors

A good pair of wallpaper scissors is definitely worth investing in. Their longer length makes it easier to make long straight cuts. They also cut through wall coverings much easier than a standard pair of scissors, and have greater durability.



To trim the excess paper, score the area to be cut with the back of the scissors, then peel the paper away from the wall and cut along the scored line. You could also use a pencil to draw a line where you want to cut.

Trim the Paper With a Snap Off Knife

Snap off blades are very convenient and the preferred choice for many. It is important to snap off a section of blade after every few cuts, as they soon dull and start to tear the paper rather than make a clean cut. Use a spatula or straight edge to guide the cut.

utility knife
person using utility knife to cut wallpaper
person holding wallpaper


Handy Tip: When you have cut the excess paper from the wall, fold it back in on itself ‘paste to paste’, so it doesn’t stick to the floor when you drop it.

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