Behind The Scenes of the WallpaperBuddy Shoot!

Two days of early mornings, hard work, and high jinx on the WallpaperBuddy shoot.

It’s not every day that you see a new product conceived from a drawing, to a wooden mockup, various amounts of handwringing and adjustments to finally make a product that is not just good but perfect.
The process which you think can take months rolls into years, but it’s all worth the pain it as it finally rolls off the production line, and in our case, gives us the opportunity to get our hands on a brand, spanking new WallpaperBuddy.
Although, I’d seen the various prototypes, it was fantastic to have a play with one of these units when we had our video/photoshoot,in real life.
Even more exciting was actually putting it into practice.
I’m not going to lie, I’m no novice when it comes to putting up wallpaper, I know the pitfalls and the struggles and have been known to pull down a whole wall of wallpaper in sheer frustration.
But this device was a dream to use. The beauty of it is, it’s so simple  – but aren’t all great inventions. It took me less than a minute to hang my first piece, (perfectly I may add).
It truly does what it says on the tin…er…box – it makes wallpapering easy.
Sadly I wish I could say the same for our motley crew as we pulled together the various shots and videos for the promotional material, is there a wallpaper for people? Seeing some of the tired eyes on the set I think a liberal pasting would have done the world of good.
All in all though, it was superb couple of days and we have some great results in both video and photography which we  hope you will appreciate.
We consider ourselves a close knit group with a wide range of humour, from zero (David) to my hilarious self. Despite that, we have a deep joy in our work and a passion for our product that we hope you catch too.
Creative Director
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Two days of early mornings, hard work and high jinx on the WallpaperBuddy shoot.

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