Wallpapering a Feature Wall

purple theme bedroom with feature wall

Creating a feature wall is a great way of adding presence and impact to a room. It provides a wonderful opportunity to experiment with different shapes, patterns, colours, and textures. Adding wallpaper to a feature wall is the perfect way to showcase your style and unique personality.

Which Wall Should Be The Feature Wall?

It is best to choose a wall that will highlight the room’s existing architectural features, a wall with a fireplace, or where the TV rests makes for a good choice. In the bedroom, the wall behind the headboard makes for a good choice.

Whether you choose a bold and striking design or go with a more subtle pattern, remember that your wallpaper needs to complement the rest of the room.

Where Do You Start Wallpapering A Feature Wall?

It may be tempting to start hanging your wallpaper in one of the corners. You should resist this and hang the first strip of wallpaper in the middle of the wall. If there is an architectural feature (i.e. a fireplace), the first strip of wallpaper should be hung in line with the middle of the feature.

When a person enters the room their eye will naturally be drawn to the architectural feature in the middle of the room. If your wallpaper has a large pattern or motif, you should centralize the pattern/motif so it is positioned in the middle of the feature, and with a complete motif located near the top of the wall at a pleasing distance below the ceiling line.

To help you decide how far below the top of your wall you want the pattern or motif to be positioned, ask someone to hold a strip of paper in position whilst you stand back and decide, and then with a pencil, mark the back of the paper where the wall and ceiling meet. Remember to add an extra 50mm above this mark to allow for trimming. If no one is available to help, use some masking tape to hold the paper in position on the wall.

Hopefully, you already have a WallpaperBuddy™ to make the wallpaper installation process easy. If not, watch the video below to see how WallpaperBuddy™ makes hanging wallpaper by yourself quick and easy.

How to Use WallpaperBuddy™

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