How To Use WallpaperBuddy™

Follow this simple step by step guide for how to use WallpaperBuddy™

In case you need a reminder, here’s a guide on How To Assemble WallpaperBuddy™

WallpaperBuddy™ tool

1. Position

Position WallpaperBuddy™ with locators touching wall.

The locators help to keep WallpaperBuddy™ the perfect distance from the wall, creating the ideal angle for aligning and smoothing.

Handy Tip: Remember you can assemble your WallpaperBuddy™ either left or right handed configuration depending what’s best.

2. Up the ladder

Carry folded paper up ladder.

For safety reasons keep one hand on the ladder as you climb.

How to Paste and Fold Wallpaper

3. Unravel

Let the paper unravel in front of you.

Tip: Try to avoid it touching the WallpaperBuddy™ arm by unravelling closer to your body than the wall.

4. Stick

Stick paper to top section of the wall (8-12″ or 20-30cm).

You have two hands free to be able to move and align the paper with ease.

Tip: When hanging the first strip don’t forget to align with your plumb line.

5. Align and smooth

Align the paper with your plumbline or adjacent strip of paper as you gradually work downwards.

6. Move down the wall

Lower the arm as you progress down the wall. It is easy to move and will hold in place at the height you choose, ensuring the wallpaper is held off the wall below.

7. Trimming

Trim the wallpaper to finish with scissors or a utility knife.

For more guidance on how to do this, we have a comprehensive guide here.

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