How To Prepare A

Wall For Wallpaper

Preparing Walls For Wallpaper

You’ve found the perfect wallpaper to transform your room and can’t wait to see it installed. Imagine the disappointment of seeing uneven areas on the wall surface showing through your beautiful new wallpaper. To avoid this potential disappointment, take the time and care to prepare the walls so they are flat and smooth.

Repair Any Cracks And Holes 

Fill any cracks and holes that may be present. You can purchase a ready mixed filler, or a powder to be mixed with water. Also available for purchase are ‘Wall-repair kits’, ideal for repairing holes in drywall.


1. Remove any loose debris and dust from inside the cracks or holes. Loose dust can prevent the filler from forming a strong bond with the wall.

2. Apply filler into the crack or hole until it is slightly filled above the wall surface. If the hole or crack is deep it’s advisable to fill it in layers using a filling knife.

filling cracks with filler
man sanding a wall

3. Let the filler dry (follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for drying time)

4. Sand the filler down so it is level with the surrounding area using a sanding block for small areas, or an electric sander for any large areas.

5. Use a vacuum and or damp cloth to wipe off the dust created from sanding.

6. Wash the wall surface with sugar soap (warm water with a little dish detergent will also suffice).

Priming Your Walls for Wallpaper

Determine the wall type (Drywall/Plasterboard or Plaster) and apply a coating of Primer or Size, to provide a good bonding surface for the wallpaper paste.

pile of drywall

Drywall/plasterboard is softer and has a paper face.

close up of plaster wall

Plaster is rock hard.

Even if the wall is in good condition, the newly filled and sanded areas will definitely need a coating to prevent the filler from absorbing the wallpaper paste, resulting in a poor bond between the wall and wallpaper.

If your walls are plaster, sizing is an absolute must before applying the paper. If you have drywall/plasterboard then primer is the best choice.

brand of size and primer

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