How to Paint a Ceiling

woman sat on man's shoulders painting ceiling with roller

Painting a ceiling isn’t difficult with the appropriate tools and correct approach. If you’re decorating the rest of the room don’t be tempted to skip the ceiling, as it will likely look tired and faded next to newly decorated walls.

person painting ceiling

Painting your Ceiling: Use an Extension Pole

  • Most people will probably find it easier to use a roller and extension pole, than climbing up and down ladders or a partner’s shoulders!
  • An extension pole will also allow you to cover a larger area with consistency.
  • You will be better positioned to ensure you have covered the entire ceiling.

Do You Paint The Ceiling Or Walls First?

Once you have emptied the room it makes sense to paint your ceiling first. This is because you are likely to spray some excess droplets onto the walls, especially when using a roller.

Step by Step Guide on How to Paint the Ceiling

  • Protect the Floors and Furniture – be sure to cover and protect any furniture left in the room, along with the flooring. Make sure to tape the covering around the edge of the floor, to prevent spills getting underneath.
person taping ceiling
  • Paint the Coving – If your ceiling has adjoining coving, it’s best to paint the coving first with a brush, overlapping slightly onto the ceiling.
  • Masking Off – When you’re ready to start painting the ceiling, mask off the walls using painters tape.
  • Prime the Ceiling – apply a coat of primer using a roller and extension pole, remember to cut in around the edges first, using a paint brush. Don’t skip this important step as it provides a stain barrier, and typically will result in the need for only one coat of paint to finish.
  • Finishing Coat – cut in around the edges with a paint brush and then use a roller to complete the job. Aim for a consistent finish by not letting your arms get too far away from your body, so you can apply a consistent amount of pressure.
person painting ceiling
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