Tools Needed for Painting

assorted painting tools, shades, buckets, tape measure, painting tray

Checking that you have  the correct tools before commencing your project will get you off to a good start. Below is a simple checklist:

  • Paint Brushes
  • Paint Brush Cover (keeps your brushes fresh between coats without unnecessary wash ups – alternatively you can use a zip lock bag)
  • Paint Rollers
  • Extension Pole (for painting ceilings & walls)
  • Paint & Paste Stirrer
  • Pouring Spout (attach to paint tin and prevents paint filling the tin rim or pouring down the sides of the tin)
  • Painters Tape (to provide a straight line for precision and allow for a protective border in case spillover occurs) (Green painters tape is high tack, blue tape is medium tack, and Yellow tape is low tack)
  • Painters Bib & Brace (Overalls or alternatively – an old pair of jeans and a ‘T’ shirt)
  • Jumbo Paper Roll (for cleaning)
  • Drop Cloth (for covering floors and furniture)
  • Paint Brush Cleaner (White spirit / Turps)
  • Step Stool / Ladder
  • Tape Measure (for calculating amount of paint needed)
  • Sandpaper and sanding block
  • Caulk gun & Caulk
  • Craft knife (for removing tape)

Wallpapering Too?

If you’re painting with a view to also wallpapering, why not try WallpaperBuddy™? It makes wallpapering easy.

The WallpaperBuddy™ tool holds wallpaper away from the wall at an ideal angle for aligning and smoothing, and helps to reduce bubbles and creases. It’s telescopic design allows you to progress down the wall easily and efficiently, working with both hands free the entire time. At a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional, why not give WallpaperBuddy™ a try.

How To Use WallpaperBuddy™

person hanging wallpaper on ladder with wallpaperbuddy

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