What Order Do You

Paint A Room?

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Whilst everyone may have their own preference for the order in which to paint their room, it is certainly worth careful consideration in order to achieve the best results.

Do You Paint The Ceiling Or Walls First?

Once you have emptied your room, or covered your furniture and flooring, it makes sense to paint your ceiling first. This is because you are likely to spray some excess droplets onto the walls especially when using a roller.

person painting ceiling

Do I Paint The Walls Or Woodwork Next? 

Walls: Wait until the ceiling paint has dried, then you can cut in the wall edges before painting the main section.

person painting top of wall near ceiling

Time To Paint The Woodwork

Skirting: After the walls it’s now time to focus on the skirting boards. Firstly protect the fully dried paint on the walls by using painters tape placed directly above the skirting, if you have not been able to lift the carpet or flooring, you need to protect this with tape as well.

painting skirting board

Window & Door Frames: Use painters tape to protect the adjoining walls and glass, and you are good to go.

painting window frame

Doors: The doors are the final step. Remember to place a drop cloth or plastic sheet underneath the door to protect the floor covering.

empty room, door tape around edges

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How To Use WallpaperBuddy

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