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What Is The Best Wallpaper Paste?

When purchasing wallpaper adhesive (paste), the best advice is to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for the type of paste to be used. Using the incorrect adhesive may not produce the professional finish you obviously would prefer.

If you’re purchasing designer wallpapers online, when possible, use the wallpaper manufacturers own brand of wallpaper adhesive, this way there will be no doubt that the appropriate adhesive is being used, whether you are installing the wallpaper yourself or hiring a professional.

Most DIY stores will have a good selection of wallpaper adhesives that will be fit for the purpose. Here is a general guide on the types of wallpaper adhesives you may find in those stores.

Cold Water Paste

One of the most common types, cold water paste, comes in a powder form and needs to be mixed with cold water to create a paste. Cold Water Paste is most suitable for applying standard ‘paste the paper’ type wallpapers.

One of the advantages is that it takes time to dry which is good when it comes to hanging wallpaper, for this allows you time to reposition and even remove wallpaper with ease – ensuring that you’re happy with the final positioning of the wallpaper before the adhesive dries.  However, a disadvantage of cold water paste is that it is really important you get the consistency of the paste just right when mixing the powder with the water. If the mixture is too thick you’ll get lumps under your wallpaper, and too runny a consistency will result in additional mess and may even reduce the adhesion of the paste.

Ready to Use Paste

As the name suggests, ready to use paste comes pre-mixed in the perfect consistency for application, so there is no risk of a thick mix leaving a lumpy finish, or a runny mix causing adhesive problems. So whilst this type of paste is typically more costly than cold water paste, having the perfect mixture ready to apply may well be worth the difference in price.

All-purpose Paste

All purpose pastes are designed to be used with virtually any type of wallpaper and come in both traditional powder form and ready mixed varieties. They usually contain fungicides which prevent mould growth, making them an excellent choice for rooms prone to damp conditions like  kitchens or bathrooms.

Handy Tip: All purpose pastes are not always suitable on all types of wallpaper and have been known to cause certain inks used in the wallpaper printing process to bleed, so it is vital that the all purpose paste you choose is compatible with your wallpaper.

Heavy-duty Paste

Heavy-duty pastes are specially prepared for hanging embossed papers, paper-backed fabrics and other heavyweight wallcoverings. The paste is similar to cold water paste but has a different manufacturing process. Instead of being water based, heavy duty pastes tend to be vinyl-based. This offers a stronger, longer lasting hold which is perfect for thick or heavy wallpaper.

Paste the Wall Adhesive

As paste the wall wallpaper has become more common, there has been an increase in the sale of paste the wall adhesives. Most varieties of all-purpose paste the wall adhesives come ready mixed.

Fungicidal Paste

Pastes often contain a fungicide to prevent the development of mould under impervious wallcoverings such as vinyls, washable papers, and foamed-plastic coverings.

Stain-free Paste

Designed for use with delicate papers that could be stained by conventional pastes.

Border Adhesive / Repair Adhesive

For sticking down peeling edges and overlaps in corners. Will glue vinyl to vinyl.

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