How To Apply

Paste the Wall Adhesive

woman pasting wall with roller

Assuming you have prepared your walls correctly and are ready to begin hanging your wallpaper, we suggest you measure and cut the wallpaper strips to length first. If you need some advice on how to do this you can read our step by step guide: How To Measure And Cut Wallpaper

How Do You Apply Wallpaper Paste To The Wall?

Applying paste to the wall is a very simple process. We suggest using a brush to apply paste at the top and bottom edges of the wall, and using roller to apply paste to the rest of the wall surface is likely to be the most efficient method.

person pasting wall with brush

What you need to avoid is applying paste to too large an area, to prevent the paste from drying out before you have had time to hang the paper. To avoid this, simply paste enough of the wall to cover one strip of wallpaper plus a few extra inches/centimetres, allowing for a little overlap to make sure there is paste on the wall for the edges of the wallpaper.

Once you have applied paste to the wall for your first strip, position your WallpaperBuddy™ against the wall and hang the paper.

person hanging wallpaper on ladder with wallpaperbuddy

Repeat this same process as you progress around the room.

Paste the Wall vs Paste the Paper Wallpaper

Some people find it simpler to paste the wall than to paste wallpaper on a table. Whilst this may be the case, with a little practice and a good roller, you will be pasting paper  efficiently in no time at all.

The most important choice is not which wallpaper type might offer the easiest application method, but finding the perfect wallpaper design that is going to give your home the transformation you desire. Remember, you can make either application method easier using WallpaperBuddy™.

WallpaperBuddy™ makes wallpapering easy. No need for a second pair of hands to help, the WallpaperBuddy™ tool holds the paper away from the wall at an ideal angle for aligning and smoothing, and helps to reduce bubbles and creases. WallpaperBuddy’s telescopic design allows you to progress down the wall at a pace that is perfect for you, working with both hands free the entire time. At a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional, why not DIY with  WallpaperBuddy™.

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