Applying Paste to the Wallpaper

woman pasting wallpaper on pasting table

Can I Paste The Wall Instead of The Paper?

If you have chosen ‘Paste the Paper’ wallpaper you will have to apply paste directly to the paper and not the wall. If you have chosen ‘Paste the Wall’ wallpaper, you can choose to paste either the wall or the paper.

Tips for Pasting Wallpaper

1. Always follow the wallpaper manufacturers recommendations for the type of paste to use with your chosen paper?

2. Cut your strips of wallpaper to length, marking each one on the reverse indicating which end is the top and what drop number it is.

3. You will need a flat surface to lay the paper on for pasting. A pasting table is an inexpensive and ideal option.

4. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mixing the paste (if necessary).

5. Give the paste a good stir.

6. Start from the middle of the paper and brush out towards the edges so that it evenly covers the surface (including the edges).

7. Apply the paste evenly and generously (without overdoing it). You can use a ‘Pasting Brush’ or a ‘Roller’, whichever you prefer. Many people find it quicker and easier to use a roller.

8. Fold & Book the paper

Booking the Paper

booking wallpaper

What Does Booking Wallpaper Mean?

“Booking” wallpaper is the process of folding the paper onto itself, paste-to-paste, and allowing it to rest for a set period of time as recommended by the manufacturer. This process allows the paper to soften and relax so it is ready to install. When folding the paper over onto itself, take care to make sure edge is placed upon edge. If you don’t do this the edges can dry out and will not stick to the wall.

When Should I Book My Wallpaper?

If you have a ‘Paste the Paper’ wallpaper, you should book it immediately after applying paste. ‘Pre-pasted Papers’ should be booked immediately after dipping the paper in water.

How Long Do I Book Wallpaper?

It is very important to follow the time recommended by the manufacturer. The paper expands as it absorbs moisture from the paste, resulting in the paper becoming slightly longer and wider. If you book the paper too long, it could expand too much, and then shrink slightly as it dries on the wall, resulting in gaps between strips. If you don’t let it book long enough, the wallpaper may expand on the wall, creating creases and air bubbles.

For patterned wallpapers, it is important to be consistent with the booking time for each strip, otherwise the pattern can be “distorted” and may not be an exact match at the edges.

Booking Wallpaper Tips 

Use the timer/stopwatch feature on your mobile phone to ensure you adhere to the recommended booking time.

Applying wallpaper with brush and WallpaperBuddy

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How To Use WallpaperBuddy™

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