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How To Hang Wallpaper Around A Light Switch

Wallpapering around switches and sockets need not be intimidating. When proceeding with care and proper technique it is really quite easy to create a great looking finish.

Important: Anytime you are dealing with electrical fixtures it is imperative to turn off the electricity for safety reasons.

If you’re using WallpaperBuddy™, position the arm so it is 6inches/15cm or more below the fixture. WallpaperBuddy™ will prevent the paper sticking to the wall below the fixture, making it easier for you to complete the following process.

1. Let the wallpaper hang over the light switch and use a pencil to mark an X from corner to corner. Make a small hole in the middle of the paper and cut along the pencil lines to each corner.

2. Cut off the flaps of wallpaper, leaving a 1cm border that will be tucked in behind the fixture.

light switch with markings
light switch with markings

3. Loosen the light switch cover and use a brush or smoothing tool to gently push the flaps in behind the fixture.

4. Screw the cover back in place and admire the professional finish you created.

If you have a fixture that can’t be loosened or removed, follow the same techniques above, then choose whether to leave the small flaps on the sides of the fixture, or trim with a snap off blade and straight edge around the edges.

light switch

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