Should I Hire

a Professional Decorator?

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Putting your creativity and time into a DIY project at home can be very rewarding, the sense of accomplishment and financial savings can make the time and effort invested well worth it.

Do I Need to Hire an Interior Decorator? 

This is a question asked by many a DIY novice. Our answer is:

Painting:  Is a task that you should definitely be prepared to try yourself. Just do a little research and watch some videos to learn the basics before putting paint to brush. Check out more ‘How To’ articles on our website for all the step by step guides you will need to complete a great paint job.

Wallpapering: Many people are under the impression that wallpapering is difficult and should not be attempted by a DIY novice. We strongly disagree! The majority of wallpapering projects around the home can absolutely be DIY projects, especially with WallpaperBuddy™.

WallpaperBuddy™ holds the paper away from the wall at an ideal angle for aligning and smoothing, and helps to reduce bubbles and creases. The telescopic design allows you to progress down the wall at a pace that is perfect for you, working with both hands free the entire time. At a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional, why not DIY with WallpaperBuddy™.

How to Use WallpaperBuddy™ 

Applying wallpaper with brush and WallpaperBuddy

How Much does it Cost to Hire a Decorator?

This question has so many variables it is not possible to give a definitive answer. Room size, preparation needed, specialty materials to be installed, will all affect the time needed to complete the job and therefore the cost. If you feel hiring a professional is the right choice for you, we recommend getting several quotes and references from decorators in your area before making a decision. You might want to check with friends if they have used a decorator they would recommend?

What Projects Should I Leave to a Professional Decorator?

Ceilings: Wallpapered ceilings can create such a dramatic statement in a room, and are becoming more popular. This however, is one of those wallpapering projects that a novice DIY’er will likely find very challenging. It also involves working with two sets of ladders and a plank to walk across. Call a professional.

  • Stairs: Wallpapering stairs, especially bi-level stairs with high walls. Again, we think this is another job better left for a professional.
  • High Walls: Rooms with high walls which would require working at significant height, we feel are better left to a professional who knows how to wallpaper safely and efficiently.
  • Specialty Wallpapers: Specialty papers, i.e. grasscloth, flock wallpaper et al, often require specific techniques and care during the installation process and better left to a professional installer.  If you have purchased a high end / designer wallpaper, any mistakes made during the installation process could be very costly. Again, it makes sense to use a professional in these instances.
  • Tricky Rooms: Hanging wallpaper in a room with lots of odd workarounds, such as toilets, pedestal sinks, or multiple windows, a professional is usually the way to go. They’re used to these challenges and can streamline the process without much guesswork.

For specialized projects it is worth hiring a professional, but for most painting and wallpapering jobs, you can absolutely DIY and save a significant amount of money. The money saved could pay for the materials to wallpaper a second room, or add new fixtures & fittings to complete the transformation.

How to Use WallpaperBuddy™

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