How To Wallpaper

Around Windows

illustration of a recessed window

Hanging Wallpaper Around Windows

Of the two most common window types, ‘Recessed Windows’ and ‘Flush Windows’, wallpapering around a recessed window is the most involved. 

Recessed Window

1. Hang the length of wallpaper above the window allowing it to overhang the window recess. Fix and smooth the wallpaper to the wall stopping several inches above the top of the window recess.

Note: If you are using WallpaperBuddy it will hold the paper away from the wall for you, preventing it from sticking below the level at which you are working. This will make the task much easier

woman on ladder using WallpaperBuddy™
person hanging wallpaper round window and using knife


2. Make a horizontal cut just above the edge of the window reveal.


3. Make a similar cut near the bottom just below the window sill. Then fold the paper around to cover the side of the reveal.




4. Fix and smooth the paper on to the reveal using a smoothing tool or brush.


5. Use a utility knife and a suitable guide to trim off the excess paper.

person curling wallpaper around window
person hanging wallpaper above window

Paper The Overhang

6. Cut and fit the next piece of wallpaper to fill in the overhang and the wall above it. Cut and fit another strip to fit the section of wall directly below the window.

7. When you get to the opposite side of the window, fit the wallpaper around the other window reveal, following the same procedures in steps (1 – 5). 

8. After fitting wallpaper to both reveals, you will have two areas in the upper corners of the window overhang that need fitting with paper. Take an ‘off cut’ piece of wallpaper and match the pattern, then measure and cut it to fill one of the sections of overhang that needs paper. Add an extra 20mm at each end for fitting and trimming.

9. Fix and smooth the paper onto the wall above the window recess overlapping the paper already there, carefully matching the pattern whilst doing so. Make a double cut through both layers of paper and then remove the layer already stuck to the wall. Fix the new strip in place above the recess and then fold it around on to the overhang. Fix and smooth it in place. Trim the excess from both ends.

person curling wallpaper around window

10. Repeat this process to fit any additional areas of the overhang that need wallpaper.

Wallpapering Around a Flush Window

Wallpapering around a flush window is without doubt a simpler process. This step by step guide will guide you through the process.

flush window

1. Hang your wallpaper in position over the window, smoothing and fixing it to the wall stopping just above the window frame. 

Note: If you are using WallpaperBuddy™ it will hold the paper away from the wall for you, preventing it from sticking below the level at which you are working. This will make the task much easier.

2. Cut away most of the excess paper in front of the window, leaving 1-2 inches of wallpaper overhanging the frames at the top, bottom and side of the window.

3. Press the wallpaper on to the frame and use your finger to find the outer corner of the frame. Make a 45° angled cut into this corner with your scissors. This will help with fitting the paper around the outside edges of the frame.

4. Fix the paper to the wall, pushing it into where the frame and wall meet, using a smoothing brush or plastic smoother.

5. Trim the wallpaper around the frame using a wallpaper edge trimmer and snap off utility knife. Alternately, use the back of the scissors to score the wallpaper in the corner of the frame and wall, then peel back the paper and cut away the excess.

6. Brush the edges of the wallpaper back into position.

7. Continue on all sides until the task is complete. 


That’s it, job done. Step back and admire your handy work!

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