How Much Does It

Cost To Install Wallpaper?

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What is the Average Cost of Wallpapering a Room?

The answer to this question depends on whether you hire a professional decorator or decide to DIY. In addition to the materials and supplies needed, the added expense of hiring a professional will most certainly add significantly to the project’s final costs.

So before looking at typical pricing, there are two questions you need to consider:

1. Would I like to save the expense of hiring a professional?

2. If so, do I think I can hang wallpaper myself?

Is Hanging Wallpaper Difficult?

There is a general perception that wallpapering is difficult and should be left to a professional installer. Whilst there are some specialised wallpapering jobs that are better left to a professional, the majority of wallpapering projects around the home can absolutely be DIY projects.

We recommend using WallpaperBuddy™, it makes it easy to hang wallpaper by yourself and it will save you time and money!

How to Use WallpaperBuddy™ 

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How Much Does a Professional Decorator Charge?

There are several factors that will influence the amount charged by a professional:

1. The size of the room

2. The amount of preparation needed (condition of the walls)

3. Type of materials to be used or installed

4. Level of expertise of the person(s) you hire

Prices will definitely vary depending on where you live, by country and region. Taking into account regional price differences, here is an example of the average cost to wallpaper an average sized room in the following countries, in 2021.

For specialised projects (ceilings, stairs, very high walls, specialty wallpapers) it is worth hiring a professional, but for most wallpapering jobs, you can absolutely DIY and save a significant amount of money. In fact, the money saved could pay for the materials to wallpaper a second room, or add new fixtures & fittings to complete the transformation.

In summary, don’t be afraid to give wallpapering a go yourself, you have seen how easy it can be using WallpaperBuddy™. If however, you decide to hire a professional wallpaper installer, we recommend getting several quotes and references before hiring someone.

No. 1 tip for reducing the cost of decorating

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