Can I Wallpaper Textured Walls?

textured wall

Honestly, it depends!

There are a multitude of different surface textures, some being only slightly textured whilst others are quite aggressively textured.

The slightly textured surfaces should not be a problem for wallpaper, whilst the more aggressive surfaces should be flattened. This flattening process is known as ‘mudding’, it involves applying a skim coat, or a layer of joint compound to level the surface area, after which the wall can then be sanded smooth, cleaned, and sealed with a coat of primer.

Very Common Surface Textures

Orange Peel

orange peel wall

Orange peel is a very light texture, which you should have no problem covering with wallpaper.


It would be unwise to hang wallpaper on a Popcorn textured surface. The aesthetic look after installing the paper would definitely be affected, as the rough pointy edges will almost certainly show through. The pointy edges could also damage the wallpaper as it is brushed and smoothed to the wall. Cleaning the surface with even a small amount of pressure could cause the paper to tear.


Knockdown wall

This texture should not pose any problems for the paper sticking to the wall, but the raised portions could affect the aesthetics of the finished look. Choose your wallpaper pattern design carefully. Smaller motifs with less flat space between them may well provide a good result. When shopping for wallpaper, ask questions, check out what the manufacturer has to say?

Paintable Textured Wallpaper

As common sense would suggest, rougher surfaces are more difficult to cover. For a rough surface, a paintable textured wallpaper might be a good option as they are thicker and very durable.

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