How to Replace a

Section of Damaged Wallpaper

How to Fix Wallpaper

wallpaper piece taped to wallpaper

If you share your home with young children or maybe a fury feline, there is a chance your beautiful wallpaper is going to suffer some damage over the years. A hole in the wallpaper in a prominent place is like an itch that won’t go away. Well fortunately, as long as you have saved some of the wallpaper not used during installation, there is a simple fix. Follow these steps and vanquish the problem from your home. Just to be clear, we are referring to the wallpaper, not the children or the cat!

1. Cut out a patch of wallpaper that will overlap and match the damaged area.

2. Apply wallpaper adhesive to the patch and place it over the damaged area, carefully matching up the pattern precisely. Some light adhesion painters tape should stop the patch from sliding around.

Handy Tip: Don’t use a strong adhesion tape, it could damage the surface of the wallpaper when you remove it.

person using tools to replace damaged wallpaper

3. Use a utility knife to cut a rectangle inside the patch.

4. Remove the patch.

5. Pull up the newly cut corners to remove the damaged wallpaper.

6. Clean the exposed surface of the wall to ensure the new patch will stick to the wall perfectly.

7. Position and press the new patch firmly into place. Gently smooth with a wallpaper roller.


Smile, and admire your handiwork. The eyesore is no more!

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