How to Double Cut Wallpaper

It is often necessary to overlap two lengths of wallpaper to ensure the edges meet perfectly, and to accurately align the pattern. The technique known as a ‘Double Cut’, is commonly used when papering internal and external corners, as well as windows with a recess.

Should I Make a Double Cut?

With thinner wallcoverings, strips of wallpaper can often be left overlapping with no visible impairment. With thicker papers however, overlapping strips can look unsightly and this is where the ‘double-cut seam’ is a perfect solution.

Method – Double Cutting Wallpaper

utility knife with spare knives

As you will be cutting through two strips of paper simultaneously, it is important to use a fresh blade on a snap off knife.

1. When sticking the second strip over the first, align the pattern of both strips as perfectly as you can. Patience and a steady hand will be rewarded with a precise looking finish.

2. When you are ready to cut, place a wallpaper edge trimmer or other guide such as a long ruler on to the area where both strips overlap. Use your cutting tool to cut through both strips.

A good technique is to slide your guide and knife down the wall simultaneously. The guide helps to maintain the same distance of the cut from the wall, as you progress downwards.

person double cutting wallpaper in corner
illustration of double cutting wallpaper

3. Now, simply peel away the cut-off strips from both wallpaper lengths. Brush down both strips and go over the edges with a seam roller. Both edges should touch each other creating a perfect seam that is difficult to see.

4. Use a damp cloth to wipe off any excess paste.

That’s all there is to it. Step back and admire what an excellent job you have done, and how perfectly the two strips of wallpaper meet.

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