How Much Does

A Decorator Charge?

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How Much Does a Decorator Cost?

Several factors will influence the cost of hiring someone:

1. Room size – larger rooms will obviously cost more.

2. The amount of preparation needed (condition of the walls)

3. Type of materials to be used or installed

4. Level of expertise of the person(s) you hire

Where you live will have a significant effect on the cost of hiring a professional. If you live in a large metropolitan city such as London for example, you will be paying higher prices for almost everything. The following table provides an approximate cost of painting or wallpapering an average sized room in the listed countries, in 2021.

Should I Decorate Myself?

Painting: Most people feel painting is well within their range of capability, and so this is typically their first attempt at DIY. You should absolutely give this a go. We have plenty of ‘How To’ articles on our website to guide you through the different steps required to complete a great painting job.

Wallpapering: There is a general perception that wallpapering is difficult and should be left to a professional installer. Whilst there are some specialized wallpapering jobs that are better left to a professional, the majority of wallpapering projects around the home can absolutely be DIY projects.

Use WallpaperBuddy™, it makes hanging wallpaper easy!

Why not give WallpaperBuddy™ a try yourself and save the expense of hiring someone? If you’d still prefer to use a professional decorator, we recommend getting several quotes and references before making your choice.

How to Use WallpaperBuddy™ 

Applying wallpaper with brush and WallpaperBuddy

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