Wallpapering Over Lining Paper

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Can I Hang Wallpaper Over Lining Paper?

Yes you can. The main purpose of lining paper is to help even out the surface of your walls and hide any small imperfections such as hairline cracks, or discoloration that may be present on your walls, and provide a flatter finish for the wallpaper.

Can I Hang Wallpaper Over Painted Lining Paper?

It depends! If the existing lining paper is well stuck down and has no overlapping edges, then you should not have any problems hanging wallpaper on top.

One factor you might want to consider is the colour of the paint. If it is a very dark paint that could show through your new wallpaper, then you might want to put a lighter coat of paint on the walls first, or remove the painted lining paper?

Do You Need to Size Lining Paper Before Wallpapering?

The answer is no. Lining paper is designed and manufactured to be the ideal surface to hang wallpaper on. So get your wallpaper and tools ready, and away you go.

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