Introducing the wallpapering friend you wish you'd always had.

Quick and easy to assemble with no tools
Never wallpapered? No problem, it's easy to use
Suitable for all types of wallpaper
Save time and money, why pay a professional?
Transform your room in no time at all
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You can paper like a pro with WallpaperBuddy™

Check out our video to see how you can achieve your dream interior quickly and easily with WallpaperBuddy™.

Applying wallpaper with brush and WallpaperBuddy

WallpaperBuddy™ is the only friend you’ll need to transform your home.

Childs bedroom

It's like having another pair of hands!

I'd never wallpapered before using WallpaperBuddy™. It was a really useful tool which made the whole job quick and easy. I didn’t waste time messing around getting the paper stuck to the wall where I don’t want it. WallpaperBuddy™ was definitely worth the investment. Neil, Lytham St Annes

I couldn't believe the difference it made!

I've wallpapered before, so thought the WallpaperBuddy™ was just another 'gadget'. How wrong I was! You don't need anyone to help and it makes it so easy to line up the paper without peeling and unpeeling it from the wall. It's such a simple idea, but a brilliant solution to making a laborious task so much easier! Terri, Rochdale